Benny Weir: The Kid Next Door

This… is Benny Weir.

He’s a bit interesting… you see… he’s something known to us supernatural types as a Spellmaster.

Spellmasters roam the Earth amongst mortals and other supernatural creatures who are able to perform magicĀ in the forms of spell casting and potion brewing.

Benny here, is a “noob” to this whole magic deal, you see. He needs a lot of guidance, and that’s where I step in.

His grandmother is an Earth Priestess, whom has actually trained me to the level of expertise I have today. She asked a favor of me, and how can I say no to someone as powerful as her.

I’m being put into Whitechapel High School as a new student, a sophomore to be exact, and I’m hoping to prevent any “mishaps” Benny may cause.

He’s actually supposed to know I’m new and I’m not allowed to confront and/or talk to him until the summer comes.

But from what I’ve heard about his, how do you say, sexual frustration, it seems impossible to be a woman in this school without receiving the slightest speck of attention from Benny.

Well, all I can hope for is the best and we’ll go from there.




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